The Costs Involved in Data Recovery

Quick Guide To The Costs Involved in

Data Recovery

The first cost with Data Recovery is the time taken to identify the fault or faults with the Data storage media.

" At this point the Data technician will be able to determine if the  media is so damage that there is no Data left to be recovered."

Often a second fault will only show up after the first one has been fixed.

The next cost is for the replacement parts and the time and skill needed to make the Data accessible again.

"It is vital that the replacement Donor parts are exactly identical to the originals. Sometimes Donor parts are unavailable, and extraction can not be completed."

In the case of Hard Drive Heads it can often take several replacement heads to achieve Data Recovery. 

We Extract the Data From the faulty Media using  the extremely specialized computer equipment that is needed, and this can tie up the Data Recovery Workstation for a long period time.

For Specialized read very expensive. 

It can also take a Data technician, working on the raw Data, some time to recompile Data in to a readable form.

"Often the Data index has been corrupted and needs to be re-imaged."

If the control chip was damage or the Data was encrypted this can take some time.

And there is the cost of the new return media that Your recovered Data is copied onto ready for posting.

"The size, type, and cost of the return media, will depend on the size of the data that is being returned to you."

The steps listed above are the main costs involved in the recovery of your Data.

The Data Recovery Cost Will be higher,if the Faulty media has been Opened Previously.

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