Customers Questions 

Customer Questions


 1.   How much will the Data Recovery cost me.

With our FREE Price Quote you can find out what the costs of Your Data Recovery Will Be.

We List All The cost Involved In Your Recovery, All-so Any likely Cost that Could Be Found Only On Inspection. 


2.   What are the things that will determine how much the Data Extraction costs.

  • What type of storage media your Data is on.

  • The size of your Data Storage media.

  • What type of fault your media has suffered.

  • Amount of work involved in rectifying any faults.

  • The number of donor parts used if needed.

  • The size Media needed to return your Data on.


3.    Why do you have Two pricing Options.

 There are a lot of variables involved in Data Recovery, some types of Data extraction can use multiple Donor parts and some none, so we give You a Quote With the Options for Your data Recovery.


Option 1   Standard

Data Recovery.

Some of the lower cost Data extractions Most Often need the Fault worked on to make Data recovery possible, and use no parts, so we give our customer the Option to only pay the Standard extraction costs.

 Option 2   SET Price

Data Recovery.

This option is for customers with media that is likely to need multiple Donor parts, and those with several faults.  


4.   Will you tell me before you order or use any extra  Donor parts.

If You Have Chosen From Our Basic Option, We will Always Ask you for your permission and email conformation before we order any extra parts.


5.   Can I cancel  my Data  Recovery.                                   

Yes you can at any time, just login to the customers Data recovery progress page, where you can see the progress of your Data Extraction, Click on the “I am cancelling my Data Recovery” Button, this will take you to a cancelling page that will show you how much If anything you need to pay depending on how far your Data recovery has gone, the cost of any parts used and the postage cost, If you want your Media sent back to you.

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