We Recovery All Types of Files from All Types of Faulty Media

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Quick Guide To The Work and Costs Involved With Data Recovery

The first cost with Data Recovery is the time taken to identify the fault or faults with the Data storage media.

Often a second fault will only show up after the first one has been fixed.

The next cost is for the replacement parts and the time and skill needed to make the Data accessible again.

In the case of a Hard Drive it often takes several replacement heads to achieve Data Recovery. 

To Extract the Data extremely specialized computer equipment is needed, that can be tie up for a long periods time.

For Specialized read very expensive. 

It can also take the Data technician some time to recompile the Data image from the faulty media.

If the control chip was damage or the Data was encrypted this can take a long time.

And there is the cost of the new media that the recovered Data is copied onto.

The size and cost of the return media will depend on the size of the Data recovered.