Data Recovery Price Guide 2019

Prices Shown Below Are A

Average Data Recovery Price

For Each Type Of Storage Media

Quality Work At A Fair Price.

The Price We Quote You

Is The Price You Pay.

No Hidden Costs

The Price We Quote You

Will Depend On The Type Of

Fault Your Storage Media Has.

SIMs and Memory Cards

Data Recovery

S £95                    

SET £95                

USB Sticks

Data Recovery

 S £155    

 SET £167    

Solid State Drive

Data Recovery

S £210

SET £235

Hard Drives

Data Recovery

S £289

SET £325

DAT Tapes

Data Recovery

S £110

SET £110

All  Price's Shown  Include VAT

S = STANDARD Price Option  SET = SET PRICE Option

Our Pricing and Your Options

We Have Two Price Options To Best Suit Your Recovery

The STANDARD Option and the SET PRICE Option.

We Quote both the Set Price Option and the Standard option


For the More Striate forward Data Recoverys, needing No Donor Parts

the Standard Option is the Customers Most Cost effective Option.

For Data Recoverys that are Less Striate forward involving

Possibly multiple Donor Parts

The Set Price Option is Your More Cost effective Option.

With The SET PRICE Option you get 


The Cost of 1 FREE Donor Part Is Included With This Option + Any Extra Donor Parts Will Be At The SET PRICE Listed In Your Quote by us.

The New Return Storage Media

May be a Larger, As This Can Be Cheaper Than finding The Smaller Size.

Free Postage On All Our SET Price Recoverys.


"If No DATA Is Recovered Then You Only Pay Postage".

With The STANDARD  Price Option you get 


Any Donor Parts Used, Will Cost Extra, The Cost Of Donor Parts Can Vary Depending On How Hard It Is To Find that part.


The New Return Storage Media Will Be Large enough To Hold Your Recovered Data.

Return Postage Will Be At The Our Standard Option Rate.


"If No DATA Is Recovered Then You Only Pay Postage".