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We believe that we must make the customers experience of Data recovery a much better experience overall, than is now common in the Data Recovery industry, We always strive to Improve the Quality of our work to get the best results for our customers. 

What We Do

Our dedicated Data technicians use the very latest specialized Data extraction Hardware-Software, as well as the best equipped Workshop possible at this time, and soon we will be moving from our temporary home to the newly designed Work Space, with Dedicated Data recovery rooms.

All to achieve the highest level of   Data Recovery.

Your Recovery Is Our Business

Let us recover your Data.

 we are specialize in extracting Data

from Faulty Media that our customers most often

suffer Data loss from.

First Your Data storage media is examined to find any faults or visible damage. 

" At this point the Data technician will be able to determine the fault or faults, and what is needed to recover your Data, or if the media is so damage, that there is no Data left for us to recover."

Any Faulty parts Will need to be replaced to make the Data accessible for Data extraction.

"It is vital that the replacement Donor parts are exactly identical to the originals. Sometimes Donor parts are unavailable, and Data extraction can not be completed at this time, but they may become available in the future."

With the  fault or Faults Bypassed or Donor part or Parts Installed, the Raw Data is extracted.

"Often the Data index has been corrupted and needs to be re-imaged."

Your recovered Data is transferred to new media, ready for posting back to you.

"The size, type, and cost of the return media, will depend on the size of the data that is being returned to you."

After we have Recovered all of your files we will contact you and then you can make payment and we will post your Data Files to you in the safest way possible, as quick as we can.

"We will keep a copy of your data in safe keeping for only 28 days,in the unlikely event that your Data is lost on route in the post.

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